“Yes! Yes! Yes”, the kids chorus as they hear they are to join the family on the yearly vacation down south.

“When will we go, Mommy?”

“Will we really see the whales?”

“Will cousin Jay come too? I dont like him! He just preens and he hordes  nuts!”

“Hush, dear! We dont talk about Jay’s peculiarities. Anyway, no, Jay wont come with us.”


“So where are we going mommy?”


“Florida??!!” But I thought you said we would go to the tropics or something!”

“You are still too young to travel that far, dear.”

“Hey, mom! Can Maggie come too?”

“Who’s Maggie?!”

“Shsh…you were not supposed to talk about Maggie, blabbermouth


“Boys….If you dont tell me I’ll have to ask cousin Jay.”



“She just moved in next door, she has really pretty stuff. Bright and shiny.”

“Moved in next door? What happened to the Joneses?!”


“I dont want you hanging out with strangers, you hear? And I dont care if she just moved in or if she has pretty stuff. You stay away from her. Now go practice your flying so you can be ready to leave soon. I don’t want anyone complaining they are too tired before we have even left the city!”

“We never do that!”

“As if!”

“C’mon, shoo. Out you go! And don’t go pecking at seeds in the park. You are still too young to know which are the good ones and which are not”, said their mother as her babies fluttered their wings and took off from the nest.


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