Odu Kaali Veedu Marantha*

My childhood was spent in TN, but that was just a location, background for all my memories. These memories are of attending school, studying, dancing, fighting with siblings/ friends/teachers/parents, devouring the local library books and generally taking life so seriously as to refuse to go out with my parents on any cultural/function gatherings. For that incredibly stupid attitude I paid the price of knowing absolutely nothing about my home town or state, other than what was in text books. This was not such a great handicap for the young, self-absorbed me, for I had the unshakeable faith in my attitude that entrenched, narrow-minded people have. But my enviable self-composure was shattered when I left that home town and settled in foreign land amongst foreign people who all then proceeded to ask me about myself and my home land. In the beginning I imparted my imperfect knowledge as pearls of wisdom until inevitably, and in an incredibly short time, I reached a point where I had exhausted all my knowledge and knew no more. From then to now, it has been a steady foray into the depths of my ignorance and the result is, I have decided to visit one place that is outside of my usual close family-relatives-shopping mall route every time I go back home.  As far as resolutions go this one was pretty successful. This past trip, I managed to “do” 2 cities in TN and visited a whole other state**!! So I have started this new “page” in my blog to tell you all about it. Yay, you!

* runny-legs forgets home

**Ok, so not ALL of it, but one big city.



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