Something to Write About

Some people are naturally addictive, some are naturally apathetic, while still others are addicted to somethings and apathetic to others*. And when I say addicted, I mean, It-has-been-a-minute-since-I-last-experienced-it-and-if-i-don’t-experience-it-now-I-will-start-to-twitch-all-over, type of addiction.

I am, of course, talking about me (shocking, I know!), and Trader Joe’s dark chocolate with caramel and sea salt is one of my addictions. Every time I buy it, I tell myself, as I carefully peel the silver wrapper, I will eat only one piece. So I break one off, wrap the rest up and put it in the fridge and walk all the way to the couch, get comfortable under the comforter, turn on the TV and eat it leisurely. A minute later, I am out of the comforter, walk the cold, cold floor on bare feet to the kitchen, open up the fridge, unwrap the bar, break off another piece, wrap, walk back and into the warm, warm comforter again. A minute later and the cycle continues. Of course every time, I still tell myself, “only one piece” knowing fully well it is only one piece for this trip. The only way to wean myself out of this is of course to not buy it in the first place. Which is not as impossible as one might imagine, it just involves careful planning. Map out a route of the store aisles that carefully avoid going through the candy aisle. And if TJ’s acts like a psychopath from a B grade summer horror flick and stacks it up in the check out counter, just surrender to the will of fate and buy it. It is just one bar, 100 calories, better luck next time.

I used to be a person of moderation. Not more than half a Jangiri from the  kalyana thamboolam pai** for me, thankyouverymuch. Not even when my siblings gorged themselves on Laddus, Badushas, Adirasams and of course my remaining half Jangiri, right in front of me, did I have the least inclination to join them. In fact sibling rivalry was the motivation behind me consuming the half Jangiri in the first place. All that changed to this addictive-apathetic split personality when I encountered Dunkin Donut’s Boston creme donut. It was a donut covered in chocolate and filled with sweet creme. Yum. They opened up near my workplace, and every day like clock work at 2 pm, I would walk down the 5 minutes to the store, buy it, scarf it down by the time I am out of the store and stand back in line for another. (I never, ever, bought two at a time). Apparently, kalyana bakshanams didn’t do what Dunkin Donut’s Boston creme did for me. Sigh. It was a good thing my work moved sites, because I had not learned self detox mechanisms then. Sometimes, karma is your BFF.

So you are addicted to candy and donuts. Big deal, so are about a million others. Wrong! You can shove about any other kind of candy in my face, sit me in a room full of gourmet donuts and hand me a napkin and it wouldn’t faze me. I will simply sit there like a Buddha (fat belly and all) with a self contented, serene smile on my face and an unchanged calorie count. It is only those two, and Pastoral’s 8 year aged cheddar and Red Mango’s  Very Berry Yogurt Parfait.

It is not just food stuffs I am addicted to. I can be addicted to anything really. For example, songs. Swathi Thirunal’s Rama Rama in Simhendramadhyamam, sung by Nithyashri Mahadevan (yes, only, that particular rendition) is on repeat on my ipod, Yeh dil ki lagi from Mughal-E-Azam and Nenjam Ellam from Ayutha Ezhithu in my Musicindiaonline account. I listen to them, over and over and over again as I do my chores. I do chores for whole weekends at a stretch. Sometimes I take a break from doing chores to just listen to the same songs, over and over and….

Addicted to books of any and all kinds. Even if I can’t stand the writing I must finish it. Even if I find the plot tacky…I …must… I read everywhere, on the commute, in the loo, in bed, while cooking, while eating, and once while in the shower  ( it was propped on the towel rack and it was a Harry Potter. Stop judging me!).

Also to TV series: Coupling and As Time Goes By. Thank you, Netflix instant watch.

So, what am I apathetic to? Sports. Apparently a bunch of people play it and a whole hoard of people watch it. O-kay. Sure. whatever.

Also to financial news. Don’t understand the stock market, don’t want to. Apparently there are bulls and bears. Whatev!

Software/Technology (related to computers). I dont care how computers work. I just need mine to do the work I want it to. Same with phones. They are for communication with other people, I dont want it to play music and if I wanted to surf the web I will do it with my computer. The latest iphone leaves me cold. Siri is just a Tamil word meaning “laugh”.





* I needed a starting line OK? It was this or  “It was a dark and stormy night” , so just you thank God for small mercies and read on.

** When I was growing up in the dark ages in the deep south of India, Kalyanams (or weddings to the non-south Indians) were our major source of sweets. Not only during the pandi saapadu (wedding feast) but also in the little thamboolam pais (loosely translates to gift bag, goody bag) with the bride and groom’s names printed on them, that they sent us away with.


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