My Beef with Birbal

According to Tinkle (or Amar Chitra Katha) when emperor Akbar asked his court to tell him what gives mankind the greatest joy, Birbal claimed the ability to answer nature’s call a considerable time after experiencing it, to be mankind’s most “nirvanic” moment. When the veracity of this statement was called into question, Birbal in his inimitable style prevented the Jahanpanah from “going” until he was ready to burst and sure enough Akbar allowed himself to see the point. Although I have frequently experienced the joy Birbal talks of, I must say that it falls way short of nirvana. In order to fully enjoy the …ummm…release, one must prolong the agony for as long as possible. Too much torture, too short a relief. So with all due respect to Birbal, he is full of crap (:D). You want to experience unadulterated joy, with the whole world joining in and have it last for an entire day, then here is what you do. Go live in a city where you don’t see the sun for an entire week, throw in a couple of thunderstorms for good measure and at the end of the week, wipe away all the clouds and turn on the sun at full blast. If the world and you don’t wake up with a song on your lips, a skip in your step and happiness bubbling out of your very being you are dead. So stop reading this and go deal with St. Peter or his other religious equivalent.  I am so full of joy today and so is all the world around me! There is not a cloud on the sky and there are sparkles on the water!

sparkling water

The trees are all a bloom and the birds are chirping joyously

oh happy day! come out and play

The ducks play hide and seek and paddle over to you, inviting you to join them in their water games

Quick! hide before she sees us!
this water is soooo cool
wont you come join us?

Even the babies in their down coats and pudgy arms are raring to go

letsgo, letsgo, letsgooooo

Not just the birds but every shy creature was out basking in the glorious sun

*Hush*, I am concentrating

And if none of this convinces you, this “Manetesque” picture ought to


No? Well then how about this: how many pictures/poems/songs or any other art form is there that waxes eloquent about a glorious day and its joys and how many of these about a satisfying poop?! QED, me thinks.


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