High Waist Shorts

Here is the secret, folks. This blog is supposed to be an experiment of sorts. The idea is to see how many people (if any) will visit a random blog and leave a comment without the author going out of the way to attract readers. So no commenting on other people’s blog with this i.d., no telling friends and family about blogging or sending them the link. When I started this in 2008, I had read an article somewhere which said that most visitors and comments in a blog are from blog hopping. But how does one get to the original blog from which to hop about? Other than personal visitors (i.e. people who know the blogger personally) it has to be by stumbling on it through searches for something else, wouldn’t you say? And right there was my hypothesis. How easy is it to stumble on a blog that hasn’t been publicized and once stumbled how often does one leave a comment? So far, the results are quite disappointing. Apparently it is almost impossible to stumble on to my blog from any kind of search. But I did get  my first comment ever! I cant remember the i.d., but he/she/it said ” you have a unique style and good perception…” or something along those lines and a link with it. I of course clicked on the link, all happy about receiving a comment and reached  “High Waist Shorts”. Wiser now and happy to share my wisdom with you all.  Experimenting still on, people, but only until the end of the year. So do your bit for science, come and comment 😀


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