Dream Girl

Elaborate, technicolor, surround sound dreams. Not like the detailed,  perfectly logical one in Sredni Vashtar by Saki. But detailed, murkily-logical-for the-duration-of-the-dream, kind of one. You know, like a real life dream. And the best part is, I remember every detail after I wake up. Of course in the cold light of day, some of the plot-lines seem pretty weak. But, that is where imagination comes in.  I used to entertain my school friends with my dream stories during lunch hour. I still dont know where the dream stopped and imagination began in these sessions. But there were no complaints from my rapt audience so I never had to know. There was a period in my early adolescence when I could actually have serial dreams. Life was one big on-going dream. No wonder I slept so much those days. Not just at night and the afternoon siesta but also in between and during classes. Weekends were for reading and sleeping, food and every  form of  entertainment was a very distant second. This worried my mother so much, she enrolled me in dance lessons, anything to get me off bed and my dream world. But I loved my dreams. It was not that my childhood was traumatic or deprived in anyway. In fact it was a very ordinary, middle class, decent childhood. But my dream life was colorful and full of adventures. The landscape was fantastic, full of meadows of the greenest grass, water of the bluest hue and not a building to be seen. Even in dreams with rooms and other sorts of concrete structures, there was always large windows and walls of glass. In most of my dreams I could fly, not that I had wings or anything, just levitated. All city scenes were from the arial perspective. In ones that I didnt fly, I was in fancy transportation. No busses and trains in my dreams, but  big, transparent, bubbles and water skates. People always morphed into one another but were always dressed in the best of fashion. And I always, always saved the day! I was the dream girl, in every sense of the word!

All this is probably why I still live more in my head than outside these days. Solitude never bothers me, because it just means more time to myself and my imagination. All my interactions with outside people is fodder. An event in my real life is woven into the fabric of my dream world, enriching and changing it. It is always great to get to my dreams at the end of a hectic day. I would recommend it as the best de-stresser available to us. So what if you are bogged down by worries and responsibilities in reality? Take it out in your dreams. See the worries morph into something fantastical and watch as you unearth brilliant solutions to your problems. The solutions dont stand in the cold light of day? No worries, fresh and innovative solutions are just 12 hrs away. Go on, take a nap. Be a Dream Girl!


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