It was perfect. Smooth, silky and pristine white. She loved the feel of it on her skin. The way it contrasted with her color. She had done this every year for over a decade now. First day of school after the labor day weekend, it was almost a ritual. Something she looked forward to eagerly most of the year.  She turned towards the mirror and almost reverentially ran her hands over it. Then she stood up and quickly grabbed her coat, buttoned it all the way and ran out the door. It was locked in. Her secret, something she kept close to her skin. She almost laughed at all the people she passed, ignorant of what she was hiding. How they saw an ordinary school teacher hurrying to work not realizing what she was covering up.

She had just walked in the door, unbuttoning her coat reveling in her success, when the doorbell rang. She opened the door preoccupied in her thoughts and saw the dreaded men standing there. How did they find her, how could they have known? There was no hiding it now, her coat was undone. It was out in the open for all to see. They took her away, mirandizing her in front of her shocked neighbors.

“The oldest offence in the book. Wearing white after labor day. They never learn do they?”

“It is always the teachers. Something about enforcing rules all day long, turns them somehow.”



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