As privileged women around the world come together to celebrate a day that honors us, I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution we all make to society, especially other women around us. Many of us are fortunate enough to have achieved success in our chosen field, be it at home or at work. But all of us, however insignificant our role might be at present, have influenced others around us. So as an answer to Women’s Web’s call for Feminspiration here is my “Tip of the Hat” to us.

Behind every successful man, it has been said,  is a woman. But we women are lucky to have more than just one person to support, guide and inspire us. It starts early when we are just toddlers, the grandmother who nurtures the seed of curiosity and imagination in us. Only too eager to join us in our games, making up stories as we go along. It never mattered that all of it was childish, it was the most important thing in our little world and so it was the most important thing in hers.

Our first teacher, the one who instilled in us a sense of moral code. She did not do it by telling us what it was, but by simply showing us how to adhere to it.

The lady servant who taught us the importance of speaking up even if it is the lone voice in the crowd. The one who inspired you to look the devil in the face and tell him “NO” even when he scared you shitless.

The sister who held your hand during your irrational fears while telling you to overcome it. The one who inspired you to do your best by her complete faith in your ability, even when faced by the immediate fact of your obvious shortcomings.

The friend who showed you how to laugh at yourself and the one who showed you how to fight for what you believe in. The colleague who showed you how to see the positive in the every dark hour and the one who inspired you to be true to your nature and still win your way.

Our mother who no matter how old never ceases to inspire us. Shows us there is no age limit to embrace every new experience, be excited over every change in our lives however insignificant or transitory and aspire for nothing short of happiness.

We are all a product of our surroundings and when those are filled with such inspiring women , how can we not but inspire to succeed.

Happy Women’s Day Ladies!


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