In defense of the Star Plus anthem

Being lame and staying home on new year’s day made me succumb to peer-pressure and make a resolution. I decided that I will not let this blog die for at least one whole year. So of course when I get blogstipation as soon as the year gets a few months old, I cant cop out like any sane person and instead have to look for inspiration at any and every nook and corner. One such nook is the womens web.

Before I go further I must clarify that there is no war going on, not even a debate. But just a bunch of comments on an article at the womens web site . And since I am reduced to stooping to imagining controversies; here it is.

The song starts from a sunrise scene and ends with a sunset scene. So it is not such a stretch of the imagination to assume that all that happens in between happens in a day. Except for the fact that she undergoes way more costume changes than there are hours in a day. Not insurmountable, after all every bolly/kolly/other anglicised indian city-wood movie worth its hyperbolic script has been doing this forever. OK, so how about the fact that she is in more than one place, doing more than one thing at approximately the same time? The anti-star plus anthem-ers take this to mean that the ad shows the modern woman as a superhuman. But I beg to differ. Is it completely impossible, ladies, to think of this as happening over a succession of days? Cant it be hopscotch-tuesdays, kathak-wednesday, traffic directing thursdays and chasing random poster guys fridays? Why all the hate people? I actually liked the ad. The girl was cute, outfits were nice and music catchy. But most importantly, it never occured to me that all this was supposed to happen in one day.

Are we really lacking in real insults that we must imagine ones now? *

* I have no beef with any of the arguments the article puts forth against idealizing women especially as superheros. I just think they chose the wrong example.**

** I just realized that this entire post could have been just those two lines and conveyed the same thing. Oh well!!


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